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CSS Tricks

This page contains some neat CSS tricks, which you can use to spice up your boring webpages or enhance your website's overall design or just add some plain fun to those webpages!

Link Tricks

Links with no Underline
Remove the underline from all your links.
Links with a line on top and bottom.
A line on top and bottom of your text links

Rollover Color Text Links
Make the links change color when the
mouse passes over it.

Highlighted text link
This trick will highlight your text links,
when the mouse passes over it.

Text Tricks

Highlighted Text
Highlight your text.
Drop Cap
Add a drop cap.

Document Tricks

Document Frame
Decorate your webpage by adding
a frame to it .
Background Image Position
Some background image position tricks.

Custom Scrollbar
Customize the scrollbar according
to your site's theme.

Misc Tricks

Make anything from tables to images
semi to fully alpha transparent.
Custom Cursor
Customize the cursor display.

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