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Flash Generators

» Flash Navbar
Flash navigational bar generator. Several button styles to choose from, with more being added regularly.

» Flash Navbar
Top Flash navigational bar generator.

» Flash Drop-Down Menu
Floating, expandable drop-down menu.

» Flash ToolTip
Flash-based content tooltips, triggered by JavaScript.

» Flash Status Bar
Flash-based status bar, for content notes, triggered by JavaScript.

Graphic Generators

» Advanced Graphic Navbar
Advanced Graphic Navbar generator. Mouse-overs built-in.

» Graphic Navbar
Graphic button navigational bar generator. More than 20 styles to choose from.

» Graphic Drop-Down Menu
From-based drop-down menu, with graphic title.

DHTML / CSS Generators

» DHTML Menu
Floating, expandable DHTML 'Dock Menu'

» DHTML ToolTips
DHTML content tooltips. 2 Content areas, customizable appearance.

» CSS Navbar
CSS-based navigational bar generator. Extremely customizable.

JavaScript / CSS Coders

» Pop-Up Window Coder
Select your window's options, and the JavaScript needed for the pop-up window is created for you.

» IE 5.5 Scrollbars
Internet Explorer 5.5+ scrollbar color scheme coder.

» CSS Coder
Quick tool for creating CSS tags for buttons,forms, and text.

Speed-Up Your Site

» GIFBot
Optimize your images without loss of picture quality.

» HTML Toolbox
HTML Toolbox can find embarrassing errors in your site before they cause a problem.


» Pixie

Pixie, is a simple color picker app that allows you to mouse over a color on your screen and see the HEX, HTML, RGB, CMYK and HSV values for the particular color. Ctrl + Alt + X key stroke combination will bring up a swatch and controls, so you can enter values as well. This really is a nifty little app!

Version: 3.0
Cost: Freeware
size: 66 Kb

featured in Lockergnome Webmaster Weekly newsletter.

» JR Screen Ruler

This Screen Ruler is a great tool that allows you to accurately measure anything on your screen. This is especially useful when measuring graphics, web page browser sizes or whatever. With Screen Ruler you can measure in Pixels, Inches, Picas or Centimeters.

Cost: Freeware
size: 100 Kb

» Advanced GIF Optimizer

AGO is a award wining application that is designed to ensure quick and easy optimization of GIF files, ready for use on the Web.

AGO also features auto-backup option, command line support, batch converter, two-passes optimization, GIF Image Cutter, easy-to-use interface, GIF-Explorer, Image Viewer with fullscreen and slideshow support.

Cost: $35 (free trial version available for download)
size: 563 Kb

» GIF Optimizer

GIF Optimizer is a no frills app that removes the fat out of your GIFs without compromising image quality. It does so by removing the unused colors from GIF image pallets reducing the image size. This also works with animated GIFs and removes duplicate frames.

Cost: Freeware
size: 258 Kb

» JPG Cleaner

JPG Cleaner is simple but powerful utility for toning down the size of your JPG files.

It reduces the image size by cleaning all the data which isnt needed for correctly displaying the image, like color management and picture previews, written into the image, by commonly used programs such as Adobe Photoshop.

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