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Syntax : left : value
Possible Values : length | percentage | auto | inherit
Initial value : auto
Applies to : positioned elements
Inherited : no

This property specifies how far a box's left content edge is offset to the right of the left edge of the box's containing block.

The offset is a fixed distance from the reference edge.

The offset is a percentage of the containing block's width (for 'left' or 'right') or height (for 'top' and 'bottom'). For 'top' and 'bottom', if the height of the containing block is not specified explicitly (i.e., it depends on content height), the percentage value is interpreted like 'auto'.

The effect of this value depends on which of related properties have the value 'auto' as well. See the sections on the width and height of absolutely positioned, non-replaced elements for details.

For absolutely positioned boxes, the offsets are with respect to the box's containing block. For relatively positioned boxes, the offsets are with respect to the outer edges of the box itself (i.e., the box is given a position in the normal flow, then offset from that position according to these properties).