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CSS Tricks

You can add life to those boring webpages, by applying some neat tricks using CSS, here are some of them.

Link Effects

» Links with no Underline
Remove the underline from all your links.
» Links whith a line above and below.
This trick works well as a hover attribute
for your links.
» Rollover Color Text Links
Make the links change color when the mouse passes over them.
» Highlighted text link
This trick will highlight your text links, when the mouse passes over them.

Text Effects

» Highlighted Text
Highlight and make your text stand out.
» Drop Cap
Add a drop cap to your paragraphs.
» Drop Shadow
Add a shadow to your text, graphics and lots of other HTML elements.

Document Effects

» Document Frame
Decorate your webpage by adding a frame to it .
» Background Image
Some background image tricks.
» Custom Scrollbar
Customize the scrollbar according to your site's theme.

Misc. Effects

» Transparency
Make anything from tables to images semi to fully alpha transparent. You can even do feathering effects!
» Custom Cursors
Customize the cursor which is displayed on images, tables and other HTML elements.

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