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HTML4.0 Elements in Alphabetical Order

This page contains a list of all the W3C HTML4.0 elements in Alphabetical order, with very brief information on each element, more in depth reference on a element is just a click away. A list of all the W3C HTML4.0 elements in Organizational order is also available.

    A   B   C   D   E   F   H   I   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   S   T   U   V    

Tag Description Starting Ending
<A> Anchor <A HREF=""> </A>
<ABBR> Abbreviation <ABBR> </ABBR>
<APPLET> Java applet <APPLET> </APPLET>
<AREA> Image map region <AREA>  
<B> Bold text <B> </B>
<BASE> Document base URI <BASE>  
<BASEFONT> Base font change <BASEFONT>  
<BDO> BiDi override <BDO> </BDO>
<BIG> Large text <BIG> </BIG>
<BODY> Document body <BODY> </BODY>
<BR> Line break <BR>
<CAPTION> Table caption <CAPTION> </CAPTION>
<CENTER> Centered block <CENTER> </CENTER>
<CITE> Citation <CITE> </CITE>
<CODE> Computer code <CODE> </CODE>
<COL> Table column <COL>  
<COLGROUP> Table column group <COLGROUP> </COLGROUP>
<DD> Definition description <DD> </DD>
<DEL> Deleted text <DEL> </DEL>
<DFN> Defined term <DFN> </DFN>
<DIR> Directory list <DIR> </DIR>
<DIV> Generic block-level container <DIV> </DIV>
<DL> Definition list <DL> </DL>
<DT> Definition term <DT> </DT>
<EM> Emphasis <EM> </EM>
<FIELDSET> Form control group <FIELDSET> </FIELDSET>
<FONT> Font change <FONT> </FONT>
<FRAME> Frame <FRAME>  
<H1> Level 1 heading <H1> </H1>
<H2> Level 2 heading <H2> </H2>
<H3> Level 3 heading <H3> </H3>
<H4> Level 4 heading <H4> </H4>
<H5> Level 5 heading <H5> </H5>
<H6> Level 6 heading <H6> </H6>
<HEAD> Document head <HEAD> </HEAD>
<HR> Horizontal rule <HR>  
<HTML> HTML document <HTML> </HTML>
<I> Italic text <I> </I>
<IFRAME> Inline frame <IFRAME> </IFRAME>
<IMG> Inline image <IMG>  
<INPUT> Form input <INPUT>  
<INS> Inserted text <INS> </INS>
<ISINDEX> Input prompt <ISINDEX>  
<KBD> Text to be input <KBD> </KBD>
<LABEL> Form field label <LABEL> </LABEL>
<LEGEND> Fieldset caption <LEGEND> </LEGEND>
<LI> List item <LI> </LI>
<LINK> Document relationship <LINK>  
<MAP> Image map <MAP> </MAP>
<MENU> Menu list <MENU> </MENU>
<META> Metadata <META>  
<NOFRAMES> Frames alternate content <NOFRAMES> </NOFRAMES>
<NOSCRIPT> Alternate script content <NOSCRIPT> </NOSCRIPT>
<OL> Ordered list <OL> </OL>
<OPTION> Menu option <OPTION> </OPTION>
<P> Paragraph <P> </P>
<PARAM> Object parameter <PARAM>  
<PRE> Preformatted text <PRE> </PRE>
<Q> Short quotation <Q> </Q>
<S> Strike-through text <S> </S>
<SAMP> Sample output <SAMP> </SAMP>
<SCRIPT> Client-side script <SCRIPT> </SCRIPT>
<SELECT> Option selector <SELECT> </SELECT>
<SMALL> Small text <SMALL> </SMALL>
<SPAN> Generic inline container <SPAN> </SPAN>
<STRIKE> Strike-through text <STRIKE> </STRIKE>
<STRONG> Strong emphasis <STRONG> </STRONG>
<STYLE> Embedded style <STYLE> </STYLE>
<SUB> Subscript <SUB> </SUB>
<SUP> Superscript <SUP> </SUP>
<TBODY> Table body <TBODY> </TBODY>
<TD> Table data cell <TD> </TD>
<TEXTAREA> Multi-line text input <TEXTAREA> </TEXTAREA>
<TFOOT> Table foot <TFOOT> </TFOOT>
<TH> Table header cell <TH> </TH>
<THEAD> Table head <THEAD> </THEAD>
<TITLE> Document title <TITLE> </TITLE>
<TR> Table row <TR> </TR>
<TT> Teletype text <TT> </TT>
<U> Underlined text <U> </U>
<UL> Unordered list <UL> </UL>
<VAR> Variable <VAR> </VAR>

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